“Healing the Heart & Soul” offers a simple, easy to apply, practice and understand healing method which addresses the unhealed issues at the depth where true healing must reach.

For me, this work perfectly compliments the more traditional psycho-therapy methods of healing, particularly the issues and pains caused in childhood. “Healing the Heart & Soul” has provided a way to fully integrate and compliment the more traditional psychological/emotional healing with heart/soul healing, and Michael presents it in such a way that you are encouraged to go as deep as YOU feel comfortable. I believe this is so incredibly important as one should not feel forced to go deeper than they are capable of at any given time in their life. His approach honors and respects the individual and I believe this is vital for truly effective healing.

Thank you Michael for sharing the incredible wealth of knowledge and experience you have gained from a lifelong dedication to helping heal others. And, especially for the LOVE with which it is given.