Like a beautiful box of magical assorted chocolates that turn out to be sumptuous AND perfectly healthful and nutritious, Sacred Sexuality: A Manual for Living Bliss is an absolute delight! The material is diverse and tantalizing, chock full of high quality ingredients, and when you partake you end up nourished and full. Savor this book slowly, morsel by morsel, and don’t be afraid to try something new!

Dr. Michael Mirdad has synthesized spiritual insight and practice with ancient sexual wisdom. If you are wondering if there is more to sex than a lustful quid pro quo or groping your partner furtively in the dark, if you have been wounded sexually through abuse, addiction or ignorance, if you have been seeking a way to integrate your spirituality and sexuality, or if you desire to steer your sexual life to the high road, you must read this book.

The banquet is set with an excellent discussion of what sacred sexuality is, how it relates to healing and an historical overview. Dr. Mirdad’s treatment of responsibility in sexual encounters should place this book in sex education classrooms around the country. All the more reason to have a copy in your home.

This book is loaded with yummy surprises, such as the discussion of kissing and mouthplay in Chapter 12. Have you ever thought of a woman’s upper lip as a meridian linked directly to her clitoris? Or a man’s lower lip as linked directly to his penis? Dr. Mirdad makes sure we are aware of such esoteric, albeit useful, knowledge. The exercises and techniques throughout the book are numerous, feasible, explicit and tasteful. Many can be practiced by the individual, so the manual is relevant whether or not you currently have a partner. And what is more sweet and loving than preparing yourself to be a sensitive lover?

Sacred Sexuality: A Manual for Living Bliss is a wise confidante that will grow along with you. I keep my copy at my bedside.

Miradrienne Carroll