In “Sacred Sexuality: A Manual for Living Bliss”, Michael Mirdad has put forth a true teaching of the experience of sacred sexual union. With respect, dignity and diversity, in a manner that is instructive and informative, he leads us to a conscious sexual awakening. He does this not from a merely sexual perspective, but from the truth of our divinity as beings capable of living bliss within the Christ consciousness.

Of particular importance is Michael’s gentle ability to encourage us to heal our sexual wounds and traumas through the love of conscious partnership. All throughout the book, he stresses the importance of honor, respect and safety, with the ultimate responsibility residing in our own healthy discernment as we seek sacred partners.

With this book available, no longer do our teenagers need to approach sexuality in fear, trepidation or hesitation, for here is written a gift of helpful, loving guidance. I highly recommend this book to all who seek conscious union.