“I want to share with you my deep gratitude. I think I am loving again. I may even be opening into love. I am in awe over this man who has been presented in my life. He is a walking vibration of the heart. He is grounded, wise, full of gratitude everyday, and he flows with my rhythms and waves. He only wants to give and receive, he does not want to take anything from me. He keeps opening to higher levels of intimacy within his heart as I present my hand. I feel like a blessed woman and extremely fortunate to have received such a blessing. I have fear sometimes because I have never been in this type of relationship before and I am now exploring how to be a new woman. Everything I asked for (but was afraid did not exist in a man) I am now receiving. He is perfect for me in this moment. He honors me everyday and thinks I am the most beautiful woman, which brings me to tears. Michael thank you for helping me heal through our private sessions and for not giving up on me. I thought my wounds were too severe and that I was a lost cause. So thank you Michael for assisting me in receiving the divine blessings and the spiritual gifts I have received.”

–D, CO