“Over the years, I have heard Michael Mirdad speak several times at Unity churches. Always, I found his talks to be practical and humorous. He made A Course In Miracles not only something I could understand, but concepts I could live by. His messages struck a deeper chord and something prompted me to call for a private session. Several hours later I was meeting with this relaxed, warm man who would become my teacher, healer, and friend. This session brought me a great distance in self-awareness, growth and healing. But besides a soul-level healing, Michael taught me to replace the pain with Light and Love. Next I chose to attend one of Michael’s 5-day Healing Workshops at his retreat. I learned a multitude of healing modalities plus received more personal healing. During the workshop, I was helping with a demonstration, when Michael’s intuition and healing skills brought up long-buried pain. I was overcome with terror from a 40-year-old episode and could no longer deny childhood trauma that was affecting my life today. I have discovered from working with him, that Michael receives truths directly from a greater Source. It was with this innovative, sometimes brutally honest insight that my partner and I, separately and as a couple, have been able to work through and heal wounds on an emotional and sometimes physical level. This has now taught me how to more fully engage with my partner and with others.”

–AJen, FL