“Waking up” can be a difficult process when you do not have expert spiritual guidance to transform your fears, old paradigms, and patterns.

Dr. Michael Mirdad takes you by the hand and gently guides you through your transformational process with his world renowned, one-of-a-kind spiritual gifts, and down to earth sharing.

No matter what you are struggling through, waking up, facing your fears, discovering your strengths and re-creating your highest experience of Self can now be a much more gentle process when you have the pure spiritual wisdom and loving care provided for you within the pages of this groundbreaking book.

There are but a handful of spiritual teachers and books that I can honestly recommend as MUST READ, TOP NOTCH – “You’re Not Going Crazy, You’re Just Waking Up” by world renowned spiritual expert Dr. Michael Mirdad is at the top of my list.
Once you read his work, I believe you will feel the same way, too.

Barbara Rose