There are many relationship books that are simply instruction books on how to find a significant other with whom one is a perfect romantic match. Many of these books offer little information that serves to help build skills to negotiate the challenges that can often arise in relationships. This type of material can be disappointing because it can set up the individual to buy into the idea that happiness is “out there” somewhere, to be found and enjoyed only when “Mr. or Ms. Right” finally comes along.

Michael Mirdad provides a fresh approach and a totally different view his new book, Creating Fulfilling Relationships: Turning Cell Mates Into Soul Mates. Mirdad advocates that before looking outside one’s self for the perfect relationship, one should look within, seeking to understand and heal any personal wounds that might block the flow of establishing fulfilling relationships of all types, not just the romantic variety. His wisdom and clarity on this topic is profound. He encourages each individual to establish a relationship with God first, then Self and finally others, allowing one to gain spiritual insight and clarity about what is really important in life, thus building loving intention and strength of character. By following this path the individual becomes more in tune with his/her essential Oneness and evolves into a kinder, more loving and caring person. Having developed this spiritual depth one is then a magnet for attracting other like-minded individuals. Additionally, Mirdad offers tracking tools that can help get to the core of any lingering issues, allowing one the opportunity to build communication skills, which can help navigate commonplace issues that often plague relationships.

This book is packed with wisdom and knowledge that, when put to practical use, can open avenues to create a wealth of fulfilling relationships of all kinds.

Donna S. Priesmeyer