“This was my first ‘intensive with Michael, and already I know it will NOT be my last. I will forever be grateful for being led to this workshop. I experienced many transformational moments during the five days. Before I mention a few of these, I must comment on the people, the souls, I shared the five days with. Words really have no way of expressing the respect, love and admiration I have for each person. Through my conversations with other attendees, I truly saw the Christ in each and knew we were Divinely led to share this experience together. What a privilege to have the opportunity to spend time with such people.

I remember the day down by the stream and feeling the love of Mother Earth rising from the ground up through my entire body, the vision of love flowing up through each of my chakras. I remember the day we discussed I love you from the ‘I AM perspective. I  felt and knew what it means to truly say I love you. I remember after doing the breathwork, I went outside and spent time alone. I was looking at the beautiful mountains and then suddenly I began to cry as my entire life flashed before me. The life I saw contained the wonderful moments as well as the not so wonderful moments. But I was filled with appreciation beyond what I have ever felt, appreciation for it all, not just the pleasant moments. I knew that it all was for a reason and was all in Divine order. I then felt a peace come over me I have never felt. It was the peace that ‘passes all understanding.’ In that moment I knew/ felt with my whole being that all was okay.

I remember this experience every night and every morning when I give appreciation. The prayers/decrees were absolutely fantastic. With each new decree, I felt a closer and closer connection to my true Christ nature. During the closing ceremony, I truly felt baptized. I felt the wholeness of the love of God coming from above into me. The vision I saw was love connecting my chakras then entering the earth. Again, I am forever grateful for this experience.  As Spirit has led me to say ‘Teacher” Thank You!”

–David, FL