“I wanted to tell you about the experience I had concerning the panic attacks. Maybe it can help someone else too. As I fell asleep on Friday night the fear came so quickly I don’t think my eyes were even closed yet. I was so scared. I tried to relax but just couldn’t. Breathing heavier and harder I began to prepare myself for the terror I’ve been experiencing for years. Then you appeared, I was so relieved to see you. You looked at what I was seeing and turned to me and said, ‘It’s ugly! I said, ‘I know! Then you fought it like a warrior as it got uglier, demonic really. Then there was an undulation in my abdomen from the bottom up. And you said, ‘Here is the light of God, bring it in now, bring it in now! I brought in the most beautiful white light and I felt at peace. I must have fallen asleep then, because I woke-up later and immediately remembered what had occurred and as I took a deep breath thinking I was going to feel fear, there was none. The breath filled my solar plexus and there was room for lots more air. I just laid there experiencing my breath and I realized for years when I would inhale deeply there was a fear at the top of my breath, this is totally gone! I wept quietly for a long time, filling myself with breath, the beautiful light, joy and abundance.”