Michael Mirdad’s book is magnificent and insightful! I found “Seven Initiations Of The Spiritual Path” to be very detailed and effective in the sense it brings clarity and peace of mind to one’s life journey, which is in fact a spiritual path. One’s understanding is deepened with respect to life experiences in terms of initiations, chakras, and consciousness. Everyone walks their life path in their own way. This is natural since each person is truly unique. Michael Mirdad explains about the relationship between initiations, chakras, consciousness and life experience, how this applies to our own unique life journeys, and how we all share some commonalities in life too. We’re all on a Spiritual Path, whether we’re consciously aware of this or not. And, life experiences are better understood as Spiritual Initiations, of which Michael Mirdad provides the most excellent information I’ve found on this subject in his book “Seven Initiations Of The Spiritual Path.” A must read for anyone who desires a more comprehensive, enhanced, better understanding of their own life journey, and Spirituality in general. Highly recommended! That’s it!

Deborah Morrison