“Dear Micheal: I am writing this to extend my deepest gratitude for your work. As a recipient of past healing it has been so insightful to see you work. You are a Master healer. This is why I chose you as my teacher. This is why I continue to attend Unity of Sedona. I have known from my first meeting with you the depth of the impact you bring to those willing to engage and  participate in the reception of the calling out of the frozen, disassociated thought forms that hide behind the experiences of trauma. After your recent advanced healing workshop at Unity, I am deeply changed and ask that you continue to teach and share your experience, wisdom, and mastery with this group of souls who are so dedicated to healing others at the deepest levels and have come to you for training. In this particular workshop, I saw a woman, freed from trauma, and reborn into integrity, right in front of a group of people who were also being changed at depth on so many levels. I am moved and inspired by your work and continue to study all that  you share with us. So please continue to assist in the development of many more Master Healers. It is truly what our world is calling forth and is clearly your forte!”