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Michael-Mirdad-Soul-Healing-Process-Forgiveness-Worksheet-thumbBelow are some various worksheets & handouts that Michael Mirdad often recommends to his clients and at his workshops. The content of the worksheets are excerpts from Michael Mirdad’s books and are copyrighted. You may download and use the worksheets for personal use only, for all other uses please contact Grail Productions for permission.

Tracking Exercise

The Soul-Level Healing Process: The 5-Steps to Healing & Forgiveness

The Refilling Exercise: A Crucial Part of the Soul-Level healing Process

The Goodbye Ceremony/Exercise: The 10-Steps to Cutting Cords & Closure



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The BEST Birthday gift!

Thank you again Michael! I left my session with you yesterday feeling so uplifted, and I think if I could sum up what I want to tell you, it’s simply this – You are awesome!! Really just awesome:) I’m sure everybody gets the same sense being around you, that they wish they could clone you and bring you around with them daily to just have such a wonderful friend in their lives all the time:) Today is my birthday, and last year at this time you were also in Amesbury at Unity, and I had only just happened upon knowing you were coming during my very first visit to that church – I saw your flyer on that first visit and thought, I’m going to go to the workshop as a birthday gift to myself. I did go, and felt like I was giving myself something truly special! I enjoyed it so much, I scheduled my first private session with you during the most difficult time in my life on one of your next visits, and came away from it with so much. It’s now my birthday again, a year later, and here I am having given myself a very wonderful birthday gift again. I am thankful I found Unity last year, and in turn found you, and have benefited so much.
All the Best, back to you!!


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