“Michael, I am both a recent and older student/client of yours and I truly enjoyed the message of your last e-newsletter about GREED. I am a counselor/intuitive healer who has also followed a path of minimal fees, etc. I hear what you are referring to and I am saddened to know it is true. I send this also to thank you for a more recent healing session with you. I asked you Michael, ‘Why do you NOT charge more for your sessions, and your answer was quite beautiful. I felt validated that the 20 years of service I’ve provided for a minimal fee was worth every ounce of sacrifice to hear those words from someone as spiritually elevated as you. It was a clear message of my own truth, and made me feel more valued with my chosen path than ever before. I anxiously await your next visit. I have also referred many of my clients to you for the next time you are here, and we all look forward to it with anticipation. I have been blessed by your true gift, and my life has never been better. You are a true spiritual teacher, and it is appreciated beyond belief.”