I had an EXPERIENCE: This was WAY more than just a talk for me (no disrespect above) This was a MASS Channeling like that in which I have never experienced before. God was moving IN and THROUGH this man to speak to every single person. It was a very rare opportunity, listen to it more than once. God is calling on each of us to Listen, Create and then put that Creation into Service. This was the push I needed. Thank you Michael Mirdad, you lifted the veil and removed another layer of the film that covered my eyes, so that I could not only See & Hear God clearer, but somehow it activated the spirit portal so that I could anchor my Soul for a deeper relationship with him. Inside that portal I was bathed in a white light, like a beacon in a light house, literally. Like someone had turned on a bright light and was shining the light all around me, like a search light. Has anyone else felt this ? I was then carried into the spirit of chant, OHM…… What an Inspiration ! This happened that night, as I retired to my room to sleep. Amazing!‬

–M E Linda Carrico