“You’re Not going Crazy” is a learner’s manual for being a human on planet Earth where change is the “name of the game.” Who has not experienced various degrees of angst from wanted or unwanted changes? Michael Mirdad gives a “blow by blow” description of the psychological/emotional/mental processes all of us have gone through when experiencing the major (and minor) stress resulting from the changes in our lives that are necessary for spiritual growth. More than just a description, however, “You’re Not Going Crazy” tells us how to recognize the various phases, or stages, of inner transformation, how to deal with the accompanying anxieties, and how to help ourselves heal. A valuable book for everyone, especially someone in “crisis,” “You’re Not Going Crazy” is a must-read for counselors of every type to help them truly understand what their clients are going through and how better to help them.

Lynne Matous