“Dear Michael Mirdad: I had a session with you a few months ago. During our session I was struggling with an overly sensitive nervous that I was allowing to basically ruin my life. I gave up on spirituality and lost my faith in teachers and my fear of men basically cut me off from half of society. I found myself homeless without a job, and away running anytime someone got too close. I went to the chapel on the hill to pray to god and was led to you. I knew a miracle had taken place as soon as you were in my energy field I began releasing stores of repressed and inherited emotion. At first I was triggered by some of your insights/comments. But I knew there was something there for me to work through. After the session I immediately got a job, found a temporary living situation, and the true healing began. I also took your online relationship course, which put the miracle on super speed. I had to face my fears around men, rejection, rape, anger, hatred, and feeling safe. I don’t think this letter is doing you justice or sharing how grateful I am for your service to me. I pray that you can feel the energy of my gratitude for helping my overcome some deep stuff. There are really no words, but thank you. “