“Hi Michael! I attended your sacred sexuality lecture with my partner last night. Let me start by saying thank you for creating yourself to be who you are today. Your energy is very inspiring, refreshing, and joyful. I was in a very low-energy space.aching neck and back and heaviness of my present relationship. We were both deeply impressed and discussed some of the things that came up for us, and your seminar was actually very valuable in helping me vocalize what was in my heart. By the time we retired for bed, we had agreed on a separation from the relationship but then beautifully proceeded to make love for hours. It was incredibly healing. I think it was a kind of expression to each other that everything that happened between us was a success and that we are truly grateful. Of course there are many elements to this ending that are not easy and beautiful, and so, I will pursue a private session with you to help me with this transition and prepare for a new beginning. Thanks again for your wonderful spirit.”

–L, AZ