“Hello! I am the ‘full of anger high school teacher who attended your workshop in Tokyo last weekend. You mentioned me in one of your facebook posts. I’m writing this mail to say thank you again. Attending your workshop and being helped by you in the private session have changed my life dramatically. I’m no longer angry at males. That’s one good change. An even bigger change is this: Do you remember you told us in the workshop that sometimes in workshops, you noticed someone coming to you to hug you or shake hands with you, but they had a feeling like ‘I’m sorry such a trivial person like me is bothering you for a hug or handshake. In those cases, you said you would sometimes pull that person back towards you to shake their hand or hug them again, just to show that person that he or she was a valuable person enough to hug or shake hands again. Today while in the train on my way to school, I remembered your story above. In that moment I realized I could give love and be a healer in my own working place if I was conscious enough. While I’m teaching, when students are coming to me to talk about something or ask a question, by accepting them as a very valuable person and by cherishing moments with them, I too can be a healer. Before attending your workshop, I had been looking for a better way to be helpful teacher to my students. I thought I needed to learn some special way. However, I’ve realized, just giving love each moment makes big differences. The reason why I’m writing this mail is that I really want to tell you that attending your workshop and realizing this simple truth is like learning Alchemy for me. Now my daily life is full of wonder and discovery. And your book ‘Creating Fulfilling Relationships is also giving me great enlightenment. And, your attitude, that our first Priority should always be God, is great. Thank you very much again, and may God bless you always.”

–YH, Japan