“I have another thing to share: I had attended some other workshops before I attended yours. From each of them I learned a lot. But what made yours special to me was your absolute solid attitude that our relationship with God should always come first. Even though I practiced meditations I had learned in previous workshops, I felt something was wrong. Now I know that opening myself to God and always knowing He is with me changes everything. At first when you started to teach us, the way you were teaching irritated me because you seemed so certain. Do you remember, in your book ‘Creating Fulfilling Relationship, you are saying ‘we often discover that the very thing that we most like about a person is often the thing we also most dislike about them? In my case, what I disliked most about your workshop turned out to be the very thing that made your workshop special for me. It made me smile. I found that through all those years I had been angry at God and trying to turn my eyes away from Him, Jesus was always walking along with me and gently guiding me. That reminds me of the story of two disciples accompanying Jesus on their way to Emmaus. They didn’t recognize Him but later they found that it had been Jesus, and said to each other, ‘Did not our heart burn within us while he talked to us. Like them, now I often feel my heart burning to know that He is with me.”

–YH, Japan