“Before the retreat started, I was feeling a scary little girl, with insecurities and too much pain in my soul. But I knew that I had to be there. I even had a dream wherein God showed to me the place in a dream. He showed me that was far away from home, I saw the green of the pine trees, I saw the lake, I saw the water. In my dream I asked questions: How I am going there? What should I do? God showed to me that was so easy to get there. After this dream I met Michael and I decided to go to the retreat. Being there was a beautiful dream, the warmth of the house, the freshness of the air, the pureness of the water, and the most important thing, I was surrounded with love! In the workshop, I went back to my childhood, feeling the same pain that I had at that time. I felt the pain for the absence of my dad and I lived again the hell of being in a dark room. But this time I could also feel safe and happy. I could feel God’s presence around the whole place. I enjoyed walking around the property, to be at the labyrinth, to be at the garden, and to hear the sound of the water. I enjoyed how everybody took such great care of each other, how they showed their unconditional love, and yet allowed each one of us to have our feelings. I also learned 1. To love myself in all dimensions: body, emotions, mind, soul and spirit. 2. To understand that the past and the future don’t exist, therefore I will not be worry about them. 3. To live the present surrounded by love in union with Mother Father God. 4. To be a healer of myself and to heal others. 5. To bring peace, respect, compassion, in one word unconditional love to everybody else that is around me. 6. To be very thankful with God for my life, others life and this beautiful world.”

–Luz, FL