This is a really good book. It should be required reading for all teenagers. Here you get a complete look at what initiation is, how cultures viewed initiations, and what types of initiations there are. As you should fathom from the cover this book uses the chakra-initiation model. By that it associates each of life’s major initiations with one of the subtle body’s chakras. This model is workable for many cases but should not be considered exclusive or the end-all-be-all interpretation for initiations. The book has many appropriate quotes. And overall it can be recommended without reservation.

One of the most important points to pay attention to in the book is the distinction given to the healing path vs the spiritual path. Again, like any model it can be useful to look at the life process using these set of abstractions. But again I would say that at the same time the paradox is that the healing path is the same path as the spiritual path. And in truth there is only one path you can tread and that is the path of you becoming more your true self. Don’t get hung up on your path having a particular name. Don’t limit yourself by following the label of any one religion of view point (I’m a this or that). If you can be content identifying yourself as a human being then you can pass through all of life gifts that much easier.

Now for those having tread the spiritual path of self-discovery for some time there is something to note about this book. Each of the first four chakra initiations are given their own chapter and average about nine pages each. However the last three chakras are grouped together and each has about 5 pages average. So I do get the feeling that the author punted towards the end of the book. You do not get as much usable information to orient yourself to those chakras. You should also note that orientations such as the Sufis consider the heart to be the most important center. In this book you kinda get the impression that the chakra initiations are like a graduated ladder system and higher is better which is not necessarily the case. Still, even the book is somewhat lacking in it’s end it still has a good finish. This book should be read by everyone starting their spiritual path.

If you resonate with this book then you should check out books by the Sufi’s such as Awakening: A Sufi Experience .