“After working intensely on my healing process over the past year, I felt drawn to attend this workshop. This workshop has been the single best decision and experience of my life. Michael’s teachings, were nothing less than mastery and oh how I learned so many new things. This was the beginning of finding out who I am: A loving, curious, insightful, compassionate, friendly woman. What do I love? I love yoga. I love campfires. I love to dance. I love to focus and learn. I love to hug. I love back massages. I love to be playful. I LOVE to laugh. I love to meet new people. I love the experience of trying/accepting new things. I love nature and the stars in the sky. I love to just be me. No masks, no hiding . . . to just be me without judgment. And each and every person allowed me to do that. I am so grateful.”

–Beth, FL