Healing the Heart & Soul is the very first book I have found to teach my clients how to make a permanent shift in their lives. It is an easy read, but a profound and honest look at what it takes to heal soul-level issues. As a therapist we have been given tons of psychotherapy techniques to heal emotional wounds, but many times our clients don’t entirely heal. We see them come back down the road for similiar patterns being played out in new relationships. The component missing from most counseling techniques is the healing that needs to occur with soul agreements that have been made. It is not enough to heal just this lifetimes patterns, we must heal the belief system that we think we are seperate from God and therefore have manifested low self-worth and thus health, relationship, and financial trauma as a consequence. I think every counselor should have this book on hand in their office and I think every person who has woken up enough to understand they need healing should have it as well. It’s Simply Amazing!

Marie Henry