“As I am still integrating the workshop, I see that I learned the value of watching my habits and realizing my distracting thoughts are all processes of the ego and that these behaviors are exactly what is keeping me from getting to the core of what I desire most. As opening occurred and emotions were triggered, I was able to put the ‘tracking exercise to use immediately! What a relief, what a new found sense of empowerment! By using the ‘tracking and other self realization techniques I could move forward to the next idea, instead of staying stuck and frustrated. The Self-Inventory was very enlightening and gave me information as to which areas of Mastery hold my personal strengths and weaknesses. I personally made a huge step forward in facing my fears. I gained deeper meaning as to how, in mastery, everything is synchronized like a beautiful dance. Activities like the art project, the evening bonfires, and goddess dancing delighted the senses and burned memories deep within my soul. Every minute was full and rich!”

–Jennifer, OR