“There were so many exercises that brought about such clarity and healing for me. The first being the bow and arrow. I finally realized what it feels like to fully be connected with the pulse of ‘God. I also realized just how manic my energy usually is and how much I prefer the feeling of peace and complete ‘Oneness. The rebirthing showed me that I sometimes use breath as a means to control my life, and when the breath was trying flow freely, I fought it every step of the way. Ironically, I want so much to connect freely with God, yet one of the easiest ways to do this is through breath and I keep holding mine. The Sufi dancing was fabulous. I don’t think my heart has ever been that open and full of joy. Journaling helped to realize that I’m afraid of opening myself up to others for fear of being judged as not good enough. To say that I learned a lot about myself during this experience is definitely an understatement. What is truly amazing about this intensive is that every exercise seemed to connect to another in revealing, healing, and integrating.”

–Joelle, FL