Did you ever have one of those times in your life that may have gone on for years where you struggled and struggled but you couldn’t seem to break free of some sort of thunder cloud that seems to follow you around? This book helps with that and it’s a quick read. I found it helpful as I was going through my transitions that seemed so bleak until I read this book. The author clearly has a religious preference but I don’t, so I just jumped over the very few awkward bits and focused on the point of the book. There are little things that make the world a little brighter when you can’t understand what’s happening or why. For me, a tiny piece of mica on the side of the road all twinkly in the sunshine was one, and this book is another. If you’re like I was, keep looking for the little twinkles and things that give you a little thrill no matter how small. There’s more to be found and you will find them, this book is a great way to understand what’s going on within.