“Hi Michael: I have been thinking (and feeling!) a lot about my time with you in session recently, and I just want you to know how profoundly grateful I am. I have been experiencing a myriad of emotions; waking up at night with dreams, and posing questions to myself that I hope will help me change my past behavior and false beliefs. Your books, CD´s, DVD´s, and lectures have all helped me tremendously; yet, most powerfully my one-on-one session with you made me really feel God´s divine and unconditional love. I felt His Presence and I was savoring and holding on to it for many days afterwards. I can truly feel the Love and Self-Worth I have chosen as my favorite meditation words. I thank you for your work as God´s healer and the divine, unconditional love, acceptance, and respect I received from you. It is an honor for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am looking forward to seeing and working with you once again the next time you are in this area!”