“Dear Michael: It is so remarkable how a ‘healing session with you is always just the beginning of discovering another layer of hidden ‘stuff. I carry my journal for days after seeing you. I pray and meditate even more than my daily practice. My personal experience is that the body-work and counseling you do unlocks the floodgates.the real healing comes from what I do with the newly surfaced information you’ve helped me tap into. I’d like others to know one of the most important statements you tend to make, which is, healing is not an event, it is a process. For me, this is such a powerful statement. Even though I’ve been your student since 2011, it still takes me DAYS, sometimes weeks to absorb all the wisdom from your talks and to fully process the download/upload around issues I discover in our private sessions. It seems that the deepest rooted stuff tends to subtly reveal itself AFTER marinating in the energy of a session, workshop, and/or Sunday service, especially if I constantly ASK.God, show me more, show me how to apply that, show me what needs healing. I’ve learned to not judge how long it takes me to allow the opportunity for more healing to surface and to just take it step by step, working with the tools you teach. And thanks to you, I’ve really learned to respect my inner spiritual warrior for having the courage to weed out all that is not congruent with my new ability to live a joyful Christ Life.  THANK YOU, dear brother, for lovingly nudging us to look at ourselves! I am so appreciative of your depth, your profound understanding, and your presence.”