“Wow! What a phenomenal experience. This was certainly the most balanced workshop I have ever had the privilege to attend. From the Qigong and yoga through the energy work and visualization to the very cool cloud-busting and exceptional lectures, it was without a doubt an all encompassing event. It fed my physical, emotional, mental, intuitive and spiritual self. Each day was filled with many opportunities to integrate the concepts taught through a variety of well thought out hands-on activities. Indeed, from the magical beauty and serenity of the retreat’s 10 acre landscape (including pond, waterfall, woods, labyrinth, and gardens) to the illuminating lectures, the Mastery workshop raised my consciousness and gave me a new masterful lease on life. I am so grateful to God for inspiring you to create such a place that the rest of us can go to for the nurturing support and clarity needed as we journey on our spiritual paths. This workshop has taught me that mastery doesn’t mean waiting for everything to be perfect, but that a true master lives each day to the fullest, keeping a balance between ‘knowing the truth, and respecting the illusion.”

–Joey, Canada