“I cannot thank you enough for the personal miracles I experienced this past week. I noticed after the final magnificent ceremony that I felt hollow, not in an empty, unfulfilled way, but rather like a hollow flute resonant with spirit. So many obstructions released, so much refilling. I cannot recommend this retreat enough. Something deep within has shifted and while I have returned to numerous life challenges, I no longer feel defeated from within. Thank you! On a personal note, thank you so much for the final ceremony and the opportunity to experience singing from that heightened state. It has had a profound impact. I cannot put into words the shifting that has happened as a result and the level of peace that that has brought to me. Of course I still have plenty to work through in that regards, but I am no longer afraid of the outcome of the healing process as I was before and finally KNOW that I can get through to the other side.”

–Reanaleia, MT