“The healing workshop was amazing!!! Much deeper than I expected. The property to start with was beautiful, the energy incredible. The house, the workshop, the little river, and the beautiful peaceful garden with waterfalls and ponds and walking paths set the tone for a safe, peaceful, energizing and healing experience. The workshop was coordinated and organized in a way that only one with insight, knowledge, spirituality and perceptiveness could pull off. The days and evenings were full of activities that flowed in a seamless manner alternating between exceptional deep healing exercises, learning and practicing various healing modalities, and those that filled us up with food, dance, laughter, exercise, body work and a sense of togetherness. I cannot believe the amount of learning, deep self exploration, and healing that Michael was able to combine in 5 days. And I will not forget the laughter, the tears, the deep messages received, the support shown to each other, the sense of oneness, and the safety and compassion of this very special workshop. Each exercise was so unique, extremely well thought out, and powerful in their own way. This workshop has re-opened me, and allowed energy and love to flow through me again.”

–Laura, ONT