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Michael Mirdad shared their event.

Michael Mirdad on his book, The Heart of A Course in Miracles: This book is designed to bring clarity, power, and transformative results to the reader. It explains the 12 primary concepts of A Course in Miracles, which, when combined, launch (to a whole new level) the understanding of the dream of separation and our awakening to Oneness.

Join Michael as he takes you through a review of those concepts in his online intensive, "Returning to the Heart of A Course in Miracles." ... See MoreSee Less

Returning to the Heart of A Course in Miracles - A 3-Month Online Intensive with Michael Mirdad

Sep 7, 7:00pm

Online Course

Based on the 12 Primary Concepts of A Course in Miracles, this online course is an incredible way for beginners or advanced students on the spiritual path to learn the deepest teachings found in the Course and beyond. Each week, a new topic will be presented and discussed during a live call with Michael Mirdad, followed by a question and answer period. The format will encourage the students’ ability to understand (and integrate) the lesson of the week. Exercises and homework assignments will be included and discussed the following week. Students will also receive weekly study-guides and will be invited to join a special online FaceBook group for mid-week discussions with other participants in the course.

The course begins with an overview and introduction of the spirituality and metaphysics of a course in miracles and of life itself. Then, each week we review one of each of the 12 concepts of the Course. This begins with how the separation seemed to take place and ends with the healing of the separation through the development of holy relationships.

Topics include:

Creating Miracles
Having a God Day: Starting the Day with God
How It All Began: Bliss & Oneness vs. Separation
Love vs. Fear
God’s Holy Spirit vs. the Ego
Forgiveness vs. Judgment
Innocence vs. Guilt and Shame
Reality vs. Illusion
Responsibility vs. Projecting
The Spiritual World vs. The Material World
The Unlimited Soul vs. The Limited Body
How It All Ends: Holy Relationships vs. Special Relationships
Please note: there are no refunds on course tuition payments.

Returning to the Heart of A Course in Miracles - A 3-Month Online Intensive with Michael Mirdad

Michael, your Grail Productions newsletter article spoke my heart in so many ways, and I want to tell you how much I appreciate your writing it. To be spiritual leaders in a church is not an easy task, and there are many pits into which one can fall. As we are all experiencing intense refining of our beings, especially at this time of being bathed in such powerful frequencies constantly streaming in; holding the focus of living our lives in integrity, clarity, and peace with everyone around us can be a challenge. This challenge intensifies further when a certain cash flow (or other material things) is needed to sustain even a simple lifestyle, not to mention to keep a church running smoothly. This keeping up with the physical world can be overwhelming at times for those who really are dedicated to living the LOVE in their true calling...but we must keep our focus that there is nothing more important than being the LOVE we are with everyone in everything, no matter what situation presents itself...and I see this truly is the desire of your heart. So thank you! Also, we all need to feel the loving embrace of our Light Family. I want to thank you for the work you do to continue to support the connection of LOVE at Unity and to keep it a safe and joyful place to embrace one another Heart to Heart and Spirit to Spirit. We are blessed to be a part of this family in all the ways we can.


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Blown Away

I’m still blown away by the healing workshop! I’ve already begun applying the emotional healing techniques in my own practice. In fact, the day after I got home, one of my clients was releasing deep emotions, while I worked on her hip. Thanks to what I learned in this workshop, she didn’t just release, instead, she experienced some real healing. I am always amazed by how much ground we cover in Michael Mirdad’s workshops. Furthermore, the love and mastery he brings to teaching and healing is unsurpassed. I now feel inspired to attend the next healing workshop, to further hone my skills and deepen my understanding, as well as my own healing–something all healers should do.