“Great newsletter last month, Michael. It hit home.regarding a certain student of mine (Madame X) and the fall-out which is still continuing. Ms X returned to class after an extended time away due to her health. She was extremely disruptive in class, feeling she was under attack from everyone. Well as I saw this as a momentary lesson for all, I also knew that she would need to either settle down or not attend the class. I knew I would need to talk to her before my next class.Within the time since the class, I have been contacted by some of the students and while I was amazed at the range of emotions, I did keep my teacher/counselor hat on and explained how this unpleasant event was indeed a valuable lesson and to not take it personally, as it was evident Ms X was going through an extremely difficult time and having a hard time observing her own behavior. I also explained how important it is to look at their own reactions and why our/ their buttons are being pushed. As they surrender this to God take time to pray for her and bless her. Not everyone agreed, so the class will continue.The point is I am happy to say I didn’t get caught up in the drama ( maybe a tiny bit) and saw the reason for Ms X and her contribution to my class.WooHoo. Blessings to you .”

–Sandra, CA