“Dear Michael: I loved attending your recent workshop on ‘Awakening Christ Consciousness. I was beginning to think there was no one here on earth like you, and I still believe no one else is. Everything you do expresses God. You live what you teach and you model it so well, with clear intention and integrity. But I also love your sometimes odd humor and how you don’t need or want to be put on a pedestal. And I love how your passion feeds you beyond the rational. I am impressed with how you live in the moment and I so admire how you search for those timely opportunities to serve others, which, to an average observer, could seem like no big deal but to that person being served, it is everything. It is not only your teachings, but also because of your humanness, your example of mastery, and your encouragement for others that students like myself really come to believe that we can do what we came here to do. I’m grateful God led me to you. He knew I would be in good hands.”

–Kim, TX