“I am so grateful for the Mastery workshop. I can’t pinpoint if it was the exercise of tapping into and understanding pain from long ago, the focus and go day at the zip-line, or simply absorbing all Michael poured out to us over five days. But the end result was knowing on a level I have not been able to tap into before, that I am love and light. I understand that my soul’s purpose is to be exactly what I am in this body and time. Michael’s teaching the basics of breathing and stretching, as well as concepts of divide, conquer, focus and go seemed simplistic at first. But then I realized these simple guidelines can help me move through some very difficult challenges in my life. I feel a sense of peace and love that I have not known before. I pray that through practice of the techniques presented, I’ll carry on in life with this powerful knowing of how truly loved I am.”

–Kim, CA