As a long-time student of A Course in Miracle (the “Course”), reading books based on It can get my ego in a twist! ;). But Michael’s book, for the most part, did just the opposite — it’s helpful, calming and a great Course supplement. Of course, I found a few things to complain about but, focusing on content not form, Michael’s pure intent is clear and he has succeeded at being truly helpful. Also, the contribution this book makes to help “heal the separation illusion” (The Atonement process) is clear. I certainly feel more integrated and calm just knowing this book exists (and others need it too!) and that Michael and others are “out there” forming an army of loving people with pure hearts and the goal of following God’s Loving Guidance. Knowing the massive numbers of Atonement soldiers are on the march gives me hope in this upside down world (which has ALWAYS been upside down). While reading Michael’s book, I found myself applying the Course concepts in a slightly different way and also found myself explaining them to others a bit differently (although stumbles, on my part, still apply). Overall, I greatly enjoyed the book and put it down when I started to feel strain. That “feeling of strain” is inevitable for me when undoing my tremendous ego and that strain is usually followed by a nap. Hopefully naps helps me integrate spiritual concepts, otherwise I’m doomed! I’m glad to know Michael is out there listening for Divine Guidance and fighting the good fight on our behalf :) I must say, as an author myself, , after 20 years studying It, I could not have written such a great summary of the Course myself and that pisses me off! LMAO. As much as I love the Course it it still confuses me at times but I’m certainly waiting for the tap on the shoulder to give me the clarity I’m looking for and hopefully the next book in the Atonement will be penned by my greatly-willing hand. Yet, I doubt it — I seemingly belong in corporate America spreading the WORD OF GOD with my laugh :) I’ve personally read the Course, cover to cover, over 5 times and finished the 365 lessons over a 3 year period. I’ve been attempting to live the Course (at times quite Miraculously) and it has been a wild ride (I actually left corporate America and was a hypnotist for years until Jesus told me to get back to work! LOL). The Course, when I picked it up in the mid 90’s, was the first book I wanted to throw across the room in horror. But I kept coming back for more and it clearly speaks to me as TRUTH (TRUTH can surely piss our ego off!). I also almost tossed Michael’s book across the room but overall, reading it was a peaceful experience and very helpful. Michael’s book helped me integrate some of the Course concepts further. The Course itself says that It is one of many paths. It also says that It is a “required Course”, Hence, that must mean the only required Course is the course back to God and that course can take many forms (although A Course in Miracles saves time). Michael’s use of other religious and philosophical concepts in the book were more than appropriate and, in fact, helpful. My only complaint, which is quite silly because I do the same thing, has to do with his the handling of the topic of the BIG BANG and making it sound a bit real. To me, the BIG BANG is almost as crazy as the FACT that we are all hurtling through space at 67,000mph on a big rock around a big ball of fiery nuclear fusion. When you think about it, FACT is sometimes harder to believe than the the premise that this world and universe are an illusion. Crazy, I know — I am a lover of science. I dig FACT and do believe FACTS exist even here. Yet, I cannot deny the insanity of this existence that we are making up as we go along (WAKE UP ADAM!). Well, before I go to far, I REALLY LIKED “THE HEART OF A COURSE IN MIRACLES” A LOT :) (and to my fellow authors or grammar geeks, while you internally criticize my grammar, my use of CAPS. LOLs and funky punctuation, ThAT IS WhY I HIrEd AN EDItOR for my book! LMAO. Peace and please focus on content not form — it works and makes you a happier and deeper human being. Happy dreams!)
George A. Wissing