“Hello Michael! You may not remember me but I certainly remember you. I attended a large expo many years ago where you were a keynote speaker. After the event was over, you and several other speakers were dining in the lounge where my husband and newborn baby were eating. I was so embarrassed because my baby kept crying and felt we were interrupting the privacy of these awe-inspiring spiritual leaders. Next thing I knew, you were walking towards us, which I assumed was to ask us to keep our baby quiet. Instead, you kindly asked if you could hold our baby. I watched in amazement, as she grew quiet. Then you suggested that my husband and I join the table of speakers, which was such a gift. Then you sat over in the corner rocking my baby to sleep and remained with her afterward for an hour. This may sound like an odd testimonial, since it’s not about a session or workshop, But it is still an important example of a teacher who ‘walks his talk in a profound, yet, simple demonstration. All these years later, I still feel moved. Now that’s real healing!”

–D, OR