“This workshop ranks right up there as one of highest experiences of my life. I came in with an expectation of learning some good healing modalities and possibly getting clarity on some personal issues. But what I came away with was a life changing experience that I know I’ll never go back to my former way of thinking. I had such a tremendous release during the breath-work, I would say it was nothing short of a miracle! I was amazed at how quickly, in the workshop environment, I could feel safe enough to let go and how deeply powerful the emotion erupted from my soul! No counseling, therapy or prescription drugs have ever been so profoundly beneficial! I had another peak experience during the anger work. I have to credit my healing partner during that exercise for being so right there for me, supportive, strong and loving, she said the exactly right words at the right moment! I left feeling healed from the inside out and it was very encouraging to hear I had helped others too.”

–Jennifer, OR