Our core issues, the ones that reside deep within us at a soul level, are often the ones we struggle with for years, if not a lifetime. In his book, Healing the Heart and Soul, Michael Mirdad takes these Soul-Level Issues that can drag a person down for years, and applies an inspiring five-step process that simply and quickly allows a person to begin transforming their life.

Michael’s five-step healing process guided me through healing issues that I have been trying to release for years. I have tried healing modalities from East to West and they all fell short once the issue was “purged” from my body, because left behind was a big hole. A hole I filled with more unhealthy relationships, shopping, working out, eating and not eating; whatever would fill the hole. And eventually, the pain, be it physical or emotional, returned.

The key that is offered in Healing the Heart and Soul is the process of Refilling. But instead of Refilling the hole with ice cream and abusive relationships, Michael guides you through actively, with focus, choosing what to refill with rather than unconsciously letting old patterns and thoughts fill in. By Refilling with new words that support a new life, Soul-Level Issues are transformed into new, healthy Core Beliefs. These new Core Beliefs will aid in calling forth that which serves a new, healthy life!

Healing the Heart and Soul is one of those books I keep out on my nightstand. After I read it the first time I put it on my bookshelf, but within days I found myself reaching for it time-and-time again. The healing process in this book not only helps me move through my issues with ease and a sense of direction, it also guides me to better know and understand myself–the key to making choices that will serve my soul long into the future.