“Michael, I’m still struggling with working on remembering my dreams, but last night was powerful and so vivid. I dreamed you and I were walking in a country side with small stone walls and sheep. I have never felt so comfortable and safe, made me realize when I woke how hyper-vigilant I am on a daily basis. Anyway, I was just concentrating on what you were saying and absorbing every word. Then I noticed I was walking faster to keep up with you, even though you were at the same pace. You smiled and said, ‘It’s okay, go with it. I started to move ahead of you and then was running. You were still beside me, but not running. Then I flew! I was light! Free! Happy beyond anything I’ve ever felt! And SAFE! Looked down at you and you were watching me, smiling, repeating ‘It’s okay!!! Michael, I didn’t want to wake up. It was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before. So safe, loved, sure, I was crying, laughing, no negative thoughts, words, emotions. I can’t find true words. Last night will stay with me for awhile. It was awesome and had to share.”

–D, MA