“Before getting the email about this retreat, I had only one intent . . . I wanted to go to sleep and start over in another dimension or life . . . sounds desperate and pathetic just to write it but it’s true. Everything seemed wrong in my life . . . none of the dots were connecting. My belief in God, myself, and my loved ones had been reduced to nothing. Nevertheless, when I heard about the workshop, I knew I had to attend. Then, after just one day of being with the group I knew I had made the right decision. I have been studying religion for 25 years . . . having a deep love for Christ. I walked away from the fundamentalist Christian viewpoint and began studying Judaism but again became disillusioned. This lead me to look into Eastern Religions, which sparked a flame inside of me that seemed to kindle the flame of my other, former beliefs but I did not understand or see the connection between the Eastern and Western philosophies. All of this then lead me to the metaphysical community where I felt a newness and freshness that had been missing in my fundamental circles. And now, this workshop tied all the different ancient beliefs together. Most importantly I found a new-found strength and serenity in my ‘secret love of the Christ. I feel ‘Born Again but in a way that seems grounded and secure in the reality that we are all here to become more like Christ. Now, not only do I want to live again, I want to love again (Myself and Others).”

–Ellen, CA