“Dear Michael: I have been home one day since the 5-day Healing workshop and I am still feeling the love of everyone at Avalon and in the workshop! I arrived at Avalon uncertain about my connection to God and wondered how I could have gotten so far off. But it only took about 24 hours for me to remember. I am so grateful to you, Michael, for showing me that the way to healing my issues and suffering, was to reconnect with God, and in 5 short days, which went way too quickly, I was reborn. Often, after other retreats, I am a bit depressed to go back to the ‘real world, but yesterday I returned home with excitement and passion for my life. And even more so, I left behind the relationships, patterns, and traumas that no longer align with the love and respect that I now call forth for my life. I want to share the healing tools we learned, and the daily practices that help us remember our inner Christ and our oneness with all. Not only to heal myself and those who seek my healing gifts, but with the knowing that as we heal ourselves we heal the world. The entire workshop seemed like it was planned around exactly what each person needed to heal our own soul level issues, and at the same time learn these tools and work with each other. The giving and receiving of healing and love was woven throughout everything we did, and each day was built seamlessly upon the day before masterfully! I am in such gratitude to everyone at Avalon who made the past 5 days true healing of the body and soul! And to Michael, thank you hardly seems like the right words. How do I thank you for helping me look into some of the darkest parts of my soul, and come out reborn radiating God’s love? I give thanks to God for all the healing that took place and the Miracle Workers who participated, and I look forward to returning to Avalon to continue my soul’s work.”

–Beth, CA