“I am grateful for the opportunity to spend five days with such an amazing group of like-minded souls, for the transformational journey of a lifetime. Thank you Michael for sharing your vast knowledge of principles and tools to get the ball rolling and get the job done, in all aspects of life. A big take-away for me is the idea of balance between my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves. All are important, and if I try to skip over any aspect, it’s going to slow down my growth and learning in this life. And, as always, the central core of learning with Michael in any context is his huge heart and caring for all of his students, and indeed for every soul he encounters. I have never studied with a teacher who had that level of commitment to the spiritual evolution of every single person. The journey of one illuminates the path for all, and I feel personally enriched and elevated by everything that happened during the time we all spent together.”

–Joy, AZ