“Omg Michael . . . I have to tell you about my realization this am. We had a session a few weeks ago, and you told me to ask the Mother to help me heal at the deepest level. So I have been asking. Well, so many people I thought of as friends, we’re just not (to put it simply). As I am realizing this, I felt like, “What the heck! What the heck is going on here?” And then, this morning, I asked God, “What is up here? Why have so many of my relationships been like this” Then, BOOM, I got a download: “This is what you asked for, this is part of your healing, your growing and shedding of the old stuff that will no longer work, not ever more.” And then a feeling of deep peace flooded my body/being. Sorry . . . it takes me a while to catch on at times, but eventually I get it! :-)”