“I am in awe at the transformations that took place both for myself and others truly an intensive like no other. The deep healing on all levels€“emotionally, physically and spiritually in such a short period of time was incredible. Since more than one thing cannot occupy a space; it made so much sense for us to clear out the blocks, release them, make peace with them and fill up with what was intended . . . God. We helped and supported each other, both with learning actual techniques for our healer’s ‘toolbox, as well as learning to trust our own guidance as healers. Every day was just the right balance of going to the edge and coming back stronger, cleaner, and clearer. It’s impossible to articulate the depths of joy and sadness and how quickly the energy can be shifted from that place of confusion and hopelessness to compassion for self and others, even those we struggle with, when our intention matches our willingness and ability to trust. I finally feel like I can live the life I came here for. I am free from resentments, jealousies, judgments, and the tendency to perpetuate old patterns through traumatizing, neglecting, and sacrificing myself. Things that used to occupy my mind would be difficult to conjure up now. The Reiki, the re-birth and resurrection, our meditation around the bonfire, the tracking exercises, Kundalini yoga, bodywork, EFT, acupressure, and massage . . . there was such a great variety and combination of healing modalities as well as hands-on learning. This was clearly the best thing I have ever done for myself.”

–Kim, TX