“What an amazing, healing, and transformative week!!! :-) Thank you!!! With deep appreciation and sheer gratitude to Michael for creating the sacred space for us all to come to together, and to each participant I thank you, for your love, acceptance, light, healing touch, and laughter that allowed healing to take place on so many levels. My intention going into this retreat, was to remove any and all obstacles to unconditional love that I have created. This morning I woke up sobbing, as I have never felt so loved in my entire life! Fully and completely loved by me, fully connected to The Divine, and by friends old and new, near and far, are reaching out today out of nowhere! My intention with this experience was to remove all barriers or blocks to unconditional love I had built internally and around me knowing by the overflowing and outpouring of love I am receiving the dam is now broken! WOW!!! Wow!! That’s all I can say is wow!!!! So grateful. As the Grinch so eloquently said I think my heart grew 2 sizes today!”

–Elizabeth, OR