“Wow! That Mastery Workshop experience was amazing on so many levels. I really appreciated Michael’s passion and complete devotion to us and our process. The deep processing work has helped to clear what was muddy to me when viewing my internal landscape. I now have a greater understanding of how negative attitudes and behaviors have ruled some of my life. I understand that some of the old patterns may come up in my life, may hook me but I now have a greater awareness and will not let these patterns rule me. Michael’s greatest teaching for me is how he models affectionate, connected, and unconditional love. Not that I think he does it perfectly all the time, but he seems incredibly more willing to try to do it that anyone I have ever met, especially of the male gender. This has also been my greatest challenge because I also did a great deal of work on the my self esteem. I realized in the breathwork that I have felt ‘too big in my life because I hadn’t yet felt fully welcome here on this planet. I now realize I not only belong here but I am powerful and powerfully needed to contribute my talents and strength to others. What I loved most about the workshop includes the following: Mastery concepts, Mindfulness, Focus, Centering breaths, Reiki, Qi-gong, Rock-climbing, Obstacle course, Prayers, Emotional healing, Breath-work, Sufi Dances, Great meals, and great new friends.”

–Jean, OR