This wonderful little book introduces so much information about sacred sexuality and tantra, but is also easy for a novice to read and understand. The history, required elements, and healing benefits of sacred sexuality, as well as basic foundations for self-awareness and intimacy with others are taught with depth, simplicity and reverence. If you are new to exploring sacred sexuality, or are looking for a concise book without complicated instructions, this book is an excellent resource for you. If you are ready to incorporate techniques and practices, I recommend reading Sacred Sexuality: A Manual for Living Bliss. It is much of the same material as this book with very expanded sections on self-awareness and intimacy practices and techniques, sexual anatomy, etc.

“The sacred sexual experience becomes an arena in which to be playful, spontaneous, nonjudgemental, and above all, loving…[it] urges you to expand your awareness, connection and and understanding of who and what you are…glorious, spiritual beings capable of experiencing bliss beyond the body’s ability to contain.”

Michael Mirdad’s writings sincerely reflect his deep spirituality, expansive knowledge, and genuine compassion.