“Awesome newsletter. Very clear. It’s helpful to see and understand the different reactions people have to a Light that is beyond the personal. And it’s important to maintain integrity and allegiance to that Light no matter what different reactions are. I have been quite puzzled by this and your article brings some clarity to it. Sometimes people do shy away from this Light even though it is only means the greatest benefit, healing and love for them. Sometimes they are terrified or angered by it. Sometimes they can’t see it at all. And even more often they mistake the messenger as a person for the Light and mistake what they are loving and attracted to, projecting the Light inside themselves onto a teacher, guru, guide or friend and ignoring what is shinning so brilliantly right inside their own hearts. I too have experienced all these things and what you have written helps clarify it. As a teacher I have been pretty good about directing my students back toward their own Light and encouraging this seeing when they get too hung up on projecting. And although I’ve witnessed strange reactions (e.g. anger, rejection, fear, avoidance, etc), something inside of me no longer gets upset by it, which shows some growth in me. You personally have have gone through a whirlwind of challenges here in Sedona but you are living this transparency, innocence and vulnerability that is necessary to transcend it all. And the Light does what it does, which is beyond my understanding but makes me truly happy. God Bless you, Michael. You have been and continue to be such a wonderful example to us all in so many ways. I am grateful Light has chosen to come before us in this way. Sedona is very blessed.”

–Peter, AZ