“The Christ Consciousness Workshop was very meaningful for me on a number of levels. Michael astounded me with his breadth and depth of knowledge about the Bible, Jesus, early mysticism, sacred sites, and ancient history. Very cool! I also appreciated the Christ consciousness prayers and the longer meditations. I am using these throughout my day and they’re really helping me with my emotional and more obsessive/compulsive behaviors. I have come to appreciate and trust Michael’s commitment to God and his healing practice even more. It is inspiring! There were so many wonderful activities at this workshop. The information about the history of the universe was clear, informative, and intriguing. The closing circle, initiation into the Christ Consciousness, was transformative. When I laid down in the middle of the circle I felt the amplification of energy, all the light, in my body. As my heart chakra opened, I felt as if my entire chest was being pulled up to the ceiling, that my breath was deep and being pulled through my body to my feet. I felt like I was in the zone of Jesus, Mary, and of course the circle of meditators and you, Michael. I do feel like I have attained a new spiritual level.”

–Jean, OR